Sensogrip® and Zipgrip® zippers.

We have manufactured and supplied loose zippers for packaging machines for over 40 years, and sell a very wide range of zipper.
Sensogrip® zippers are multi-track zippers that “click” when they are closed; Zipgrip® zippers are very strong single-track zippers that open and close easily.

Both types of zipper are available:
– suited to powders, water and frozen products.
– child-safe
– for sterilization and pasteurization
– Theft-proof
– in multiple colours.

Sensogrip® and Zipgrip® zippers are high quality and are produced in our factory in France. Installing a zipper on packaging offers a high degree of practicality for the customer and keeps the product fresh, while also increasing the product’s degree of finish.

As well as selling zipper, we offer “free” expert assistance in choosing the machines and aggregates, thus ensuring that customers receive complete solutions.

We guarantee a delicate balance between innovation, quality, service and price.

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