Joker Automatic Packaging System

Joker chain bags and packaging machines.

Joka offers both packaging machines and bags suited for the machines. The bags are customized, with zipper, without zipper, with print etc.
The Joker system is an extremely economic, solution, whether it is a small or large production.

Packaging machines:

Joker packaging systems are economic and unique systems ( packaging machines ) which facilitates packaging of even the most difficult products. The products can be packed in standard or custom made bags.

The system consist of a chain of linked special made bags. The bags are running along a pair of rails on the machine, the rails open and supports the bags during filling. When the bags are filled, they pass through a sealing unit, where they are closed and sealed.

We offer machines for either: manual, semi automatic or fully automatic packaging. We have machines with a horizontal filling angle (for products which needs care full handling) and machines in stainless steel for clean and hygienically packaging.
We also offer a range of extra equipment, to be able to offer a complete solution,  custom made for our customers.

Special custom made packaging machines.

The joker system is very flexible and we offer 100 % custom made solutions, based on the actual product and its specifications.
The machines can be integrated with the existing production or external filling system, to become a fully automatic production. To do this we can build specially produced filling equipment such as :

  • Workstations
  • Foot pedal
  • Compressor unit
  • Vibration unit
  • Filling funnel
  • Bag sensor
  • Zipper opener / sealer
  • Filling equipment
  • Print

Our customers are:

  • food industry
  • medication & hygiene
  • “do it your self” tools
  • Paper & textiles
  • Powder & granulate

Bags for packaging machines.

Our bags for the packaging machines can be made of any plastic material, as long as it is suitable for sealing. Materials can be: Polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, anti static & UV protected film, green films.The bags can be delivered with many features: with perforation, with zipper, with airholes, with stand up bottom, with handles etc. We can also offer some standard products.

Bag sizes.

  • Width: 50 – 1000 mm
  • Hight : 100 – 600 mm
  • Film thickness: 40 – 100 Micron (my).

Print on bags.

 We can add customized print to the bags:

  • Print method : Flexoprint
  • Number of colours: Max. 8 colours (incl. white) CMYK and Pantone.
  • print area: width: 1 mm from sidesealings, hight: 5 mm from top and bottom.

We have competent people to assist and advice through the entire process, to obtain the perfect solution for your product.

Please contact us for more information.