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All plastic bags in the webshop are unprinted and in Joka Packaging’s standard formats.


Minigrip Lynlåspose

Minigrip®  Ziplock bags PE

Topmatic® PP Sliderbags/lynlåsposer


Handi-Bag® Transparent med krog

Handi-Bag® carrier bags

Tapegrip® PP poser fra Joka Packaging

Tape bags

Monolayer Lamizip

Doybag - fås i mange modeller fra Joka Packaging

Doybag® Laminated

Lamizip® laminerede ALU med tud & hank fra Joka Packaging

Lamizip® Laminated

Lamizip® laminerede ALU med tud & hank fra Joka Packaging

Mailorder bags

Resealable plastic bags – also called ziplock bags – are Joka Packaging’s speciality, but we make plastic bags for all purposes at Joka Packaging. Click on the photos for more information on the bags’ properties, formats, recommended uses, prices, etc.

There are endless possibilities: neutral ziplock bags, ziplock bags made of dyed film, zipock bags with added UV protection or antistatic. Plastic bags with sliders, plastic bags with drawstring locks, plastic bags with welded on handles or hooks, plastic bags with tape locks – as well as a large selection of laminated bags.

All Joka’s plastic bags are approved for storing food, so if you need bags bags for packed lunches or fruit, freezer bags or any other sort of bag that needs to be approved for storing foods and foodstuffs, Joka Packaging’s bags are the ones you need.

The well-known Minigrip® ziplock bags can be used for freezing foodstuffs like fruit, vegetables and meat sauce. These plastic bags are also available with writing fields, letting you write the contents and the date directly onto the bags. All Minigrip® plastic bags have a hole above the lock so they can be hung up.

Note: orders above Eur 700 get free delivery. On orders below Eur 700 there are delivery costs according to weight and delivery place.

Delivery: all standard bags are normally delivered within 1 week.

ALL bags on the web shop can be custom-made in many varieties – view a selection here.