Doybag laminated ziplock bags.

The Doybag is a laminated fully sealable ziplock bag with a standing base ( round or block bottom ) and a strong zipper.

The bags are made of several layers of foil (laminate) and are thus 100 % water and aroma-tight.
The extent of the sealing varies between models, with the highest seal being aluminium bags.

Many models of Doybag are available as stocked items, with minimum orders at 100 pcs. per size (see our webshop), but they can also
be custom made in many different models.

Various materials are used for the bags depending on what they will be used to store. The most common are:
The bags come in qualities from 70μ to 210μ, and can be printed on in up to 10 colours (rotogravure)

The ziplock bags can also be made with valves, prints, handles etc.
The minimum order quantity of custom-made bags per size is about 10.000.

The bags are well-suited for storing foodstuffs and coffee and tea, because of the laminated foil, which in combination with the wide sealings
and strong zipper make the bags aroma- and water-tight. The bags have tear off notches above the zipper for easy opening after they are sealed.

The bags can be produced with tin tie as well, for closing of tea bags etc. 

Also browse our standard Doybag bags on the  webshop, here.

The delivery time for customized Doybag bags is approx. 8 weeks.

Contact us at: to order a sample or to hear more about the Doybag and the available options.

Doybag med ovalt vindue