Minigrip® transparent PE 60 µ

Minigrip® Ziplock bags in 0.06 mm quality. The bags are completely transparent, with three red colourlines by the lock and a hole for hanging above the lock. The ziplock bags have ultrasonic weldings which make the bags stronger, but also “steal” a bit of width (at the opening), so remember to take this into account.

Joka Packaging makes the original Minigrip® bags in almost 100 standard sorts. The bags are made of transparent pure polyethylene (PE) and are available in thicknesses between 0.06 mm and 0.10 mm, with or without white labeling fields and with holes above the locks for hanging and displaying.

As a new feature, Joka is able to offer selected models from the standard assortment with euro hole and added antistatic or UV-block. Our range includes everything from very small ziplock bags intended for storing things like small electronics parts, to larger bags for storing anything from foodstuffs to textiles and hospital equipment.

We have expanded and upgraded our ranges of standard and custom products, and as always, the quality is high.

The range of standard bags has been significantly expanded. The bags have also been upgraded from 50 to 60 my in thickness and are made with ultrasonic weldings at the lock for added strength.

Minigrip® bags are all food-approved and have now also been ISO certificied.

Delivery time is about 6 working days from the order confirmation.
Minumum order: 1,000 pcs. of a model = 1 box.

You are always welcome to order a sample of our products if you want to test the size and functional viability of your product.

Note: orders over EUR 700 get free delivery. A delivery and handling fee of EUR 55 is added to orders of less than EUR 700.

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