Powerful zipper – Zipgrip®

Custom produced Zipgrip® – bags with an extra strong zipper. 

Zipgrip® ziplock bags are custom designed bags with a stronger zipper than Minigrip® bags. There are several types of zipper, but in all cases the zip is welded to the film during production, and can therefore be placed exactly where desired. This provides an opportunity to tailor this type of ziplock bag uniquely to each customer and their needs.

These tailor-made ziplock bags can be produced in widths from about 60–1600 mm and depths from about 100– 900 mm.

Zipgrip® ziplock bags are available with prints in up to 6 colours on both sides.

The customized Zipgrip® bags are made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or laminate in very  robust qualities up to 0.15 mm, making them particularly suited to standing bags for storing things such as animal feed and foodstuffs. The strong foils they come in also make them suited to soil samples and similarly heavy contents, or to particularly sensitive products such as cytostatic products for hospitals.

The film are available in many colours and can be treated with additives such as UV-block to further extend their scope of application.

Zipgrip® bags can be made as standing bags and customized with elements such as handles above the zipper, with bottom folds or with the zipper placed at the base of the bag with a perforated tearing strip and an open top.

The delivery time for Zipgrip custom solutions is approx. 5 weeks.

Call us or write to us at: info@joka.dk for more information bout Zipgrip.

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