Clicky zipper Clickgrip®

Custom produced Clickgrip® – bags with custom “click” zipper.

Clickgrip® ziplock bags are bags with custom designed, powerful click zipepr that you can feel zip up, letting customers feel as their lock is sealed millimetre by millimetre. The zipper is welded to the film and can be positioned as desired.

The customized Clickgrip® ziplock bags are available in crystal clear polypropylene (PP) qulaity with a neutral lock.

Clickgrip® custom bags can be printed with your design in up to 6 colours.

The bags can be further customized with Euro holes, tear-off perforations for extra theft-proofing, hooks, bottom folds, etc.

Because of the crystal clear quality and the neutral lock, these bags are particularly suited to magazines, journals, textiles and other items whose colour and design must be clearly visible.

The delivery time for the Clickgrip in cusotm models is approx. 5-6 weeks.

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