Plastic bags, individual solutions with prints, zippers, tapes, handles and sliders…

JOKA Specialløsninger Plastposer PE Minigrip

Minigrip® zipperbags PE

JOKA Specialløsninger Plastposer Laminerede Poser

Laminated bags

Joka Specialposer Bæreposer PE

Carrier bags PE

JOKA Specialløsninger Plastposer PE Minigrip med hank

Other Zipperbags

JOKA Specialløsninger Plastposer PE Minigrip med hank

Bags for Hospital use

Poser uden Lukning

Bags with open top/bottom

JOKA Specialløsninger Plastposer med hank Minigrip

Carrier bags with handle/hook

JOKA Specialløsninger Plastposer med hank Minigrip

Automatic Packaging

JOKA Specialløsninger Plastposer Poser med skyder


Joka Specialposer Poser med Tape

Tape bags


If you cannot find a standard plastic bag that matches your needs on our webshop, have a look at our wide selection of bags that are customisable to suit you and your company’s needs.

A customized solution from Joka Packaging in the form of a plastic bag, Minigrip® ziplock bag, Handi-bag® carrier bag, a bag with tape, hooks or sliders, can be a powerful tool for marketing your product and company. As an important tool in campaigns, trade shows and in advertising, the right design can promote your business and brand.

The plastic bag can be personalized with logos and prints in up to 6 colours, which can be printed onto transparent or coloured bags. Plastic bags from Joka can be further customized by adding hooks, tape, handles, zippers or other items to meet your specific needs.

If you need custom protection for your products, Joka can use additives to make our bags antistatic, UV-blocking, etc. Find more information about additives here…

Our sales department can give you many examples of great personalized customer solutions and of how other customers have used both our standard and customized bags.

Contact Joka Packaging’s sales and customer service department to request samples or a no-strings-attached quote for your specific needs. Customized bags in your design can be delivered in about 5-6 weeks.

Draw inspiration from the menu below, and for any questions, please contact us at: