Transparent w/spout and handle

Lamizip® bags are transparent and fully sealable in PET/NY/PE. They are available with stand up bottom, spouts and handles. The bags are in strong 0.18 mm quality and have white spouts with screw caps. Choose between a small or a large pouring spout (10.6 mm or 20.6 mm).
Lamizip® pouches with spouts and handles are ideally suited to items like:
Cleaning products
The bags save storage space after use, as they take up substantially less space than regular bottles.
How to calculate the size of the bag (inside dimensions): Width x Height + Bottom fold (I.e. 2 × 25 = 50 mm bottom fold unfolded).

Delivery time: ca. 8 working days.

Minimum order per model is 100 pcs. = 1 box.


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