Doybag® stand up pouches w. zip

Doybag® ziplock bags with stand up bottom are available in 47 stocked standard models. They have powerful “click” locks that ensure the bags are properly closed, while also giving them an exclusive look.

The ziplock bags are available in transparent, aluminium, coloured, paper, paper with a window and also in Duo models (with a transparent front and coloured back).

When the bags are sealed by the locks they are 100% sealed – water and smell-proof.

The bags have round standing bases, wide weldings and “tear off” above the zipper.

Doybag® is also available in customized models with prints and vents – contact us if this is required, or see our custom solutions.

The ziplock bags are ideal for storing items that require packaging with effective seals, such as food, oils,
dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals that require protection against moisture, air and light.

Doybag® is, naturally, also food- and ISO-approved.