With print

Minigrip® zipperbags with print.

A Minigrip® custom designed ziplock bag with a print is an opportunity to give an extra dimension to your bag, letting it send a strong message with your logo, company name, product or anything else printed on the film.

Minigrip® ziplock bags with prints are available on request in widths from 60 to 560 mm, depths from 60 to 450 mm and foil qualities from 0.06 to 0.09 mm.

The ziplock bags are available with prints in up to 4 colours on one side or for prints on both sides, 2 colours each on the front and back. The custom designed bags are also available in coloured film if you do not want a totally transparent bag.

The individual bag solutions can also be treated with various additives such as UV blockers and antistatic. UV blockers block outside light to protect the packaged products and the antistatic additive (ESD) protects electrical components.

There are endless possibilities – contact us at info@joka.dk and we’ll find the one that suits you.

Minimum quantities are calculated based on the bags’ size and design.

The delivery time for printed bags is about 5-6 weeks from the print job being accepted.

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