Bags for hospitals

For many years, JOKA has produced bags for use in cytostatic treatment in hospitals in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
We have two different models for slightly different uses.

Minigrip® bags are used throughout the whole course of treatment – as transport bags, protective bags and waste bags.
Zipgrip® bags are also used as transport bags (due to the zip which seals them) but are also used during the treatment itself, as they are 100% UV protected and can be hung up.


Minigrip® bag for cytostatics. The bags are manufactured in a clean environment and packaged with an outer bag.
The bags are made with individual text/languages, in many sizes, and the quality is extra strong
pure PE in a thickness of 0.09 mm. Contact us for more information about prices and numbers at


Zipgrip® bag for cytostatics. The bag is used as a transport bag and as a protective bag, as it
contains UV protection. The bag has been developed in cooperation with Region H Pharmacist, the manufacturing process is approved
and the bag has been tested by senior pharmacist Henrik Kjær.

The zip on the bag ensures that the contents stay in the bag during transport. Then the bag can be hung up, the perforation
in the base broken, and the pipes can be pulled out of the bag without the contents falling out – an extremely functional solution.
The bags can be made in the requested dimensions and shape. The minimum quantity per order is 5000 pcs.
Write to us for more information: